Well I started the photography years ago using a Russian camera called Smena, it was as simple as it gets and the black and white pictures it took were not the greatest, not because of the camera, my knowledge about photography at that time where zero.
I started to use a Canon EOS 1000 with one lens of 35-70mm about 10 years ago but that was always on auto and the pictures where not so great either so I switched to a CANON ELPH for convenience or for the panoramic mode I enjoyed so much.
After dropping the ELPH camera on the bottom of the mighty Danube I decided to go digital so I bought the wonderful Canon PowerShot Pro 90 IS 2.6 Mp, with its 10X zoom and image stabilizer that was a dream machine at that time. This camera took sharp pictures all the time but it was so slow, so I decided to make the big step and go for a Digital SLR.
EOS 10D was my camera of choice and I never regretted the purchase, with a minimum investment in lenses like Sigma 50-500mm f5.6, 18-50mm f4, and the great 180mm macro. It served me well for about two years but the Sigma lenses didn’t perform as I was expecting so I decided to get some L lenses from Canon and so I did… what a difference (no comment on that). Currently after selling my EOS 10D, a kidney and an arm :)) I managed to buy the next dream machine from Canon the EOS 1D Mark II. So my current equipment is:

EOS 1D Mark II
EF 70-200mm L f4
EF 17-40mm L f4
EF 300mm IS L f4
1.4x Converter II
EF 50mm f1.8
Speedlite EX180
Sigma 180mm macro
Manfroto tripod
A great hide for the quiet moments
That’s about it, now you know it all and with all this said I hope I have the right stuff to take great pictures that will not disappoint too much.